Quick Lock Yoke Filter Retention System

Eliminate Bypass for Turbines and Deliver More Power

Donaldson Quick Lock Yoke is an innovative filter retention system that provides a several benefits for turbines, including secure installation, reduced change-out time, improved performance, and retrofit compatibility.

Donaldson’s Quick Lock Yoke is a snap to use because it is an innovative filter retention system that improves your processes in so many ways.  Donaldson is a trusted U.S. turbine inlet filter manufacturer and has been for over 40 years. Donaldson has been around for over 100 years and provides turnkey installation and one-stop shop convenience for service, parts, and filters to satisfy your turbine-related needs.

The Quick Lock Yoke filter retention system is a small capital investment with a huge return on investment. It ensures that every filter in your inlet is sealed properly without having to manually check every nut for torque. On average, it also improves speed and ergonomics of installation by 30-50%.

If you are running turbines more than 8,000 hours/year, you should be using (H)EPA efficiency media. Also, if you are using (H)EPA filters, then you should ensure your filters are not in bypass. (H)EPA filters work with the Quick Lock Yoke. 

The Quick Lock Yoke provides several benefits for turbines, including: 

Secure Installation

The Quick Lock Yoke's locking system eliminates the risk of:

  • filters loosening during operation.
  • hardware; nuts galling or loosening.
  • surface rust and corrosion.
Reduced Change-Out Time

The Quick Lock Yoke makes it quick and easy to install and remove filters, reducing maintenance downtime and service costs.

Improved Performance 

Donaldson's Quick Lock Yoke system is designed to work with all Donaldson filter medias including the high efficiency Turbo-Tek™ (H)EPA filter line. This helps to ensure that the turbine receives the cleanest air it needs to operate at peak performance. Often eliminating the need for turbine water washing when used in combination with (H)EPA filter elements.

Retrofit Compatibility

The Quick Lock Yoke system can be easily retrofitted to existing gas turbines, this makes it a cost-effective way to improve the filtration performance and reliability of any turbine with minimal capital expense.

Improved Safety

The Quick Lock Yoke system is easy to use and maintain, which helps to reduce the risk of installation fatigue, accidents, and injuries. Specific benefits below:

  • Toolless installation
  • Easier and less time needed to install filter with cam handle design.
  • Less static effort, resulting in less muscular fatigue.

If you are looking for a way to improve the performance, reliability, and safety of your turbines, the Donaldson Quick Lock Yoke is a great option to consider.

Quick Lock Yoke Filter System for Gas Turbine Systems

Quick Lock Yoke Filter System for Gas Turbine Systems

Our Quick Lock Yoke system for Gas Turbine Systems takes the guesswork out of installing and inspecting new filters and reduces downtime.

Minimize Downtime And Lost Revenue By Preparing Your Gas Turbine For Weather Events

Minimize Downtime And Lost Revenue By Preparing Your Gas Turbine For Weather Events

If your gas turbine system isn’t up to the environmental challenges of your region, its vulnerability to climate events increases. Donaldson helps you maintain turbine performance and extend filter life while protecting your turbine blades from damaging contaminants.


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