Filtration solutions for
semiconductor manufacturing

As a recognized and trusted leader within the semiconductor industry, we develop filtration solutions to meet the increasing concerns over the presence of gas phase molecular contamination at fab, tool, and point-of-use locations. 
Advanced Technology

Donaldson’s filtration technology offers superior protection and filter life for a broad spectrum of contaminants that can degrade tools, affect critical processes and impact production yield.

Product Performance

Our unrivaled product performance makes Donaldson the clear choice for demanding, high-efficiency filtration in complex environments – helping you meet increasingly stringent production process requirements.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Our cost-effective refill program allows filters to be reused and refilled; which further lowers cost of ownership by reducing replacement and waste expenses. With refill stations located around the world, Donaldson can meet the filtration needs for your global business.

Improved Filter Performance for Photolithography

Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) causes manufacturing process issues for the semiconductor fab. Donaldson’s Lens Protection System (LPS) technology provides you with the most effective contamination control to meet and exceed your desired requirements.

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