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Industrial Dust Collector Filter Types

Donaldson manufactures filters in many sizes and styles to fit all Donaldson dust collectors, and most other brands of dust collectors.

Industrial air filters are a critical component to removing contaminating particles generated from manufacturing equipment. Many industrial processes require industrial ventilation systems to protect equipment and reduce hazards in the work environment. Donaldson offers a wide range of dust collector filters to meet the needs of various industries and applications. Donaldson dust collection filters are designed to filter dust, fumes, and mist from the airstream, reducing fugitive emissions to the workplace, equipment, and the environment.

Donaldson’s Dust Collector Filter Types
Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters, also called canister filters, are cylindrical (round, oval, triagonal) or conical filters that are typically installed on a yoke inside of a dust collector. The filters are made of pleated media, such as paper, polyester, or synthetic materials, and often include a fine-fiber layer to enhance filter efficiency and performance. Pleating increases the surface area of the filter and differentiation in pleat height and width allow the filters to better capture various dust types. Cartridge filters can be used to remove a wide range of particulate, including dust from wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, chemical, and thermally generated fumes. Donaldson also offers replacement filters for other dust collector brands using our media; providing Donaldson’s high-level filter performance for most all makes and models in use today.

Fabric Baghouse Filters

Baghouse filters are long, tubular shaped filters that are typically made of needle felt polyester media and use a metal cage to retain their shape. Other names for fabric baghouse filters include fabric filters, bag filters and socks. Bag filters are often used for high dust loading processes, and like cartridges, different media options can be used to withstand high moisture or chemistry in the airstream. Bag filters can be used to remove a wide range of particulate including dust from: wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, chemical, food, and grain. Fabric baghouse filters are commonly used in high-volume dust collection applications.

Pleated Baghouse Filters

Pleated bags are used in place of fabric bags in baghouse collectors. They utilize the same media as cartridge technology but do not require a cage to support the filter element. Pleated bags can be used to increase filtration area resulting in lower air-to-media ratios, lower pressure drop and longer filter life. Being significantly shorter than a traditional felt bag and cage, pleated bags are ideal for abrasive applications or where downtime for filter changes is a challenge. No wonder they are called a problem-solver.

PowerCore® Filter Packs

PowerCore® filter packs are a type of filter that uses a unique honeycomb design to increase filtration efficiency and capacity. This type of industrial dust collector filter is designed to offer a more compact design than traditional cartridge or bag filters. Filter packs can also be called fluted media technology. PowerCore® filter packs use Donaldson's Ultra-Web® and Ultra-Web® SB (Spunbond) media, which is a cellulose or spunbond media respectively that is coated with a layer of fine, resilient fibers. PowerCore filter packs tend to be more compact than traditional cartridge filters, so they are ideal where space is limited.

Mist Filters

Mist filters are designed to remove liquid droplets from machining processes that utilize water, oil, or synthetic coolants. Mist filters or mist eliminators are typically made from a polyester or fiberglass media. Donaldson WSO cartridge filters use Synteq XP™ media, a proprietary blend of polyester and glass fibers ideal for removing mists created by metalworking processes. Different variations of the proprietary media allow the mist collector to be used on water-soluble, oil or smoke applications. Donaldson also offers mist collector filters for non-Donaldson collectors.

Panel Filters

Panel filters are square or rectangular filters that are made of glass or synthetic media. They are commonly used as after filters on dust or mist collectors. The frames on Donaldson HEPA and DOP panel filters are made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum. HEPA, DOP and ASHRAE filters can be used to meet various efficiency needs. Panel filters can be sold individually or as part of a filter housing to handle process airflows of any size.

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