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Donaldson Introduces Torit® Downflo® Ambient Weld Fume Extractor

A ductless installation solution for facilities facing limited overhead space, increasing application demands, and production layout changes.

MINNEAPOLIS (January 23, 2023) – Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), a leading worldwide manufacturer of innovative filtration products and solutions, has released the Torit® Downflo® Ambient (DFA) weld fume extractor that gives fabricators the ability to weld in a variety of different workstation configurations.

“To accommodate new opportunities, facility managers need welding equipment and supporting tools that are flexible enough for changing layouts and workflows. When developing the DFA, we listened to welder needs. For example, the DFA not only saves floor space but also comes prewired with an integrated control panel, making installation flexible and easy. Maintenance is simplified too, with an easy-to-handle dust disposal drawer and tool-free hinged access doors that allow for turnkey filter changeouts,” said Todd Smith, Vice President of Global Industrial Air Filtration at Donaldson.

This new collector (DFA) provides a complementary solution to a challenging problem: effective weld fume extraction without duct work or hoods.

Todd Smith, Vice President, Global Industrial Air Filtration, Donaldson Company

Designed to collect fumes from the welding field as they rise and recirculate clean air, the DFA uses Donaldson's proprietary Ultra-Web® media technology. Ultra-Web outperforms and outlasts other filters. Proven and proprietary Ultra-Web media technology delivers long filter life, clean air, and cost savings over the life of a collector. In the facilities where collectors are housed, multiple extractors can be placed throughout the manufacturing area to account for a wide variety of materials, piece sizes, and various weld locations requiring a different setup.

The DFA adds to a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for weld fume mitigation using both source and ambient extraction methods. Donaldson provides one-on-one consultations; extensive, customizable options and features; and ongoing support for maintenance and data services with every system.

We can help you get the optimal solution for your application.