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Donaldson Adding Real-Time Monitoring Service as a Standard Feature to its Industrial Dust Collectors

iCue™ Connected Filtration Technology helps teams track key operating and performance metrics

MINNEAPOLIS (June 4, 2021) — Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), a leading worldwide manufacturer of innovative filtration products and solutions, today announced its iCue™ Connected Filtration Technology will be a standard feature on its most popular industrial dust collector models. Connected collectors allow maintenance teams, on-site or via a partner, to monitor and manage operational performance in real-time.

The iCue service will be standard on specific Donaldson industrial dust collectors purchased after March 22, 2021, including DFO and DFE Cartridge Collector models and RP, LP and RF Baghouse models. Additional models will also be included later this year. The hardware, standard monitoring sensors and a free iCue service trial subscription are included with the purchase.

The technology provides maintenance teams with automated reports, an online interface for more detailed analysis, and real-time alerts for assessment and action if the dust collection system shifts outside of set parameters. Teams can also purchase additional sensors to meet specific facility and industry needs for dust collection system performance and reporting, such as HEPA filter and outflow particulate emissions monitoring.

"Each facility’s processes and dust collection needs are unique, so using a solution to more closely monitor dust collector performance is the key to using staff resources more efficiently and enabling consistent production."

Todd Smith, Vice President of Global Industrial Air Filtration, Donaldson.

During a recent iCue technology trial at a large industrial minerals plant, the maintenance manager predicted they could reduce preventive maintenance time on their collectors by approximately 900 hours per year. "This is an example of how adoption of connected services on industrial equipment can help reduce their total operational costs," said Wade Wessels, Global Director of Connected Solutions for Donaldson. "iCue connected filtration service enables manufacturers to implement condition-based maintenance programs and automate environmental compliance reporting."

The iCue technology does not require IT integration with an internal automation network, and is available in the United States, Canada and Europe. The service is also compatible with in-operation Donaldson collectors and other major dust collector brands.

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