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Watch Your Pressure Reading Fall with Ultra-Web® Filters

Industry: Distributor of industrial coatings and air filtration products

Problem: Ordinary filters were not meeting the customer's specific air filtration requirements

Solution: Replacing customer's filters with Ultra-Web® filters, which decreased pressure readings to desired levels

Lower pressure means higher airflow, which translates into longer filter life and greater cost savings. Just ask Lori Maher of Omega Industries of Michigan LLC, a distributor of industrial coatings and air filtration products. “Our job is to match the right filter with our customers’ specific air filtration requirements when they place an order. We recently received an urgent call from a customer who was experiencing problems with some newly installed fine fiber web filters. The customer reported that upon installing the filters, the pressure initially read 2 "wg. Less than 24 hours later, it had climbed to  8 "wg.”

Omega’s customer was not satisfied, so the distributor quickly placed an order with Donaldson® Torit® for genuine Ultra-Web® cartridge filters. “Once installed, the pressure reading quickly decreased to desired levels and after three months, remained at 1.5 "wg. Our customer is happy knowing Ultra-Web filters will last longer than a competitor’s brand and will continue using the Donaldson Torit filters going forward,” concluded Maher.

The key to the Donaldson Torit Ultra-Web filter’s success is the patented electrospinning process, which creates a very fine, continuous, resilient fiber of 0.2 – 0.3 micron in diameter. The Ultra-Web layer forms a permanent fine fiber web with very fine interfiber spaces that trap dust on the surface of the media. Trapping dust, dirt and contaminants on the surface of the filter offers many benefits over conventional filters, including a reduction in energy and compressed air expenses along with other maintenance costs.

Additionally, a filter must be rated at least a MERV 13 on the ASHRAE 20-point scale to effectively filter submicron dust particles. Donaldson Torit has designed the pre-HEPA MERV 13-rated Ultra-Web cartridge filters to optimize filtration – capturing 0.3-1 µm to 3-10 µm depending on the filter – without reducing filter life or increasing pressure drop. Typical cellulose and some 80/20 blend media only can capture larger 3-10 micron particulate. This means Ultra-Web filters improve airflow more than other brands.

“Stabilized pressure drop rises quickly with depth-loading commodity filters,” said Doug Wersal, PE, Director of Engineering at Donaldson Torit. “This results in shorter filter life and increased maintenance and energy costs.  It’s been proven that our Ultra-Web filters lower operating pressure drop over an extended period of time, which generates savings right to the bottom line.”

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