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OEM Solutions - Integrated Designs

Industry: Product Transfer and Abrasive Blast

Problem: Integrating dust and fume management products into an existing sheet metal structure or small OEM product. Consolidation reduces sheet metal fabrication and minimizes field assembly.

Solution: Compact dust and fume collectors, insertable versions of these collectors, or smart parts integration.

Donaldson® Torit® partners with OEM’s of varying sizes across a broad range of industries. Given the diversity of size and product offering, it should come as no surprise that we provide a range of collector options to match. Integral compact dust collectors, partial collectors, and smart part kits are an extension of our standard product offering to meet your unique OEM requirements.

Many industrial applications which require fume and dust collection occur on a relatively small scale. These applications tend to have airflow requirement between 100-400 cfm and in many cases utilize a non automated process. Common industrial examples include bag dump stations, small blast cabinets, and some transfer points. Donaldson® Torit® compact dust collectors provide an inexpensive collection option that can be integrated into the process equipment for shipment. We can provide both continuous and intermittent duty collection options. Scope can range from a basic dust collection cabinet using manual controls through complete collectors with power pack and control panels.

Another option for your consideration is our partial collector offering. Donaldson® Torit® partners with a number of OEM’s who have core competencies in basic sheet metal fabrication. For those already fabricating their own sheet metal equipment, we can partner with you to provide insertable dust collection products limited to the main collector cabinet (no hoppers, legs, or dust bin). Another option, particularly as the sheet metal structures grow in size, is a tubesheet only arrangement including a filter mounting structure, filters, and a basic cleaning assembly structure. Although these collectors tend to be smaller in size, the concept can be scaled up as required to meet your needs.

Donaldson is a filtration technology company. One of our core competencies is filter design including media formulation, structure, and integration with various cleaning mechanisms. While we are proud of our Donaldson Torit dust, mist, and fume collectors, we recognize that some of our OEM partners may need solutions where they assume increased fabrication scope beyond a partial collector. Small collector examples might include cases where the basic sheet metal structure is already in place to accommodate filters and a basic cleaning system. Other examples would include collector designs made with aluminum and steel alloys where our OEM partner has core manufacturing competency. Our smart parts program is designed to work with our OEM partners to provide components and design guidance for successful technology integration.

We can help you get the optimal solution for your application.