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Longer Life Filtering Flour

Donaldson Torit® pleated bags increase efficiency for flour miller.

Industry: Flour Milling

Problem: Production downtime due to monthy filter bag change outs.

Solution: Donaldson Torit® pleated bags in all of the customer’s dust collectors have now been effectively filtering for over 7 months while still maintaining a lower pressure drop.

A large durum mill and producer of dry pasta products in the mid-west was dissatisfied with the short filter life it was seeing in its non-Donaldson Torit dust collectors – one of which was Italian-made. With an annual production output of 500+ million pounds, this miller could not afford the downtime associated with the month to month bagfilter change outs. This customer was seeking not only longer filter life in all of its dust collectors but a reduced air-to-cloth ratio as well so its dust collectors could run at a lower operating pressure drop for energy savings.

A Donaldson Torit rep recommended this miller utilize bottom-loading, 80” pleated bag filters made of Spunbond media with a Polypropylene core and a free flow (ledge free) bottom. Based on a sample venturi from the customer, Donaldson Torit also created a new style boot to fit over the miller’s existing Italian-made venturis.

After more than seven months in operation, the Donaldson Torit pleated bag filters were still running. This meant more than 3X the filter life of the competitor’s standard bag filters! The customer was also pleased to be maintaining the low pressure drop (3.5” or less) it sought which materialized in energy savings.​​

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