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Dura-Life™ Filter Bags Yield 5x Filters in Foundry on Green Sand

Dura-Life filter bags in a Donaldson Torit HPT dust collector are yielding 5X longer life than conventional polyester and passing the ongoing stack emissions tests.

Industry: Foundry / Alloy Casting

Problem: Short life (6-8 months) with conventional polyester filter bags, and high ΔP over the life of the bags.

Solution: Donaldson Torit Dura-Life filter bags now perform 5X as long, at lower ΔP.

When business increased and this foundry needed to add another shift, the plant manager wondered if the existing Donaldson Torit HPT dust collector could handle the increased dust load. 

They were using conventional 16-oz polyester needled felt bags and they changed them out at 6” ΔP. The problem was that the ΔP often reached 5” after only a few months of use and typically reached 8” by 6 months. Do the math—if they doubled dust collector usage from 40 hour per week to 80 hours per week, they figured they’d be changing out filter bags every 3 months.

Dura-Life to the rescue! Now, using this unique hydro-entangled filter media from Donaldson Torit, the foundry has seen significantly longer life from their bags. After 15 months of operation, the ΔP on the Dura-Life bags is only 4.5”. It looks like they expect to get fully 5 times (or more) the filter life compared to their old polyester bags!

The plant manager said that they have been doing regular patch testing and visible stack emissions testing since the Dura-Life bags were installed. Both tests showed Dura-Life bags continue to perform extremely well.

Any way you measure it, Dura-Life gives 5X the life!

Project Statistics
Dust Foundry Dust (Green Sand)
Application Alloy Casting Operation
Collector Donaldson Torit HPT Baghouse
Airflow (cfm) 12,000
Air-to-Media Ration 9.4:1
Collector Usage Recently shifted from 40 to 80 hrs/week


Bag Type Bag Life End Pressure Drop
Conventional 16 oz. Polyester 6-8 months 6 "wg
Dura-Life™ 15 months (so far) 4.5 "wg

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