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under any pressure

We have the right filters, contamination control products and capabilities to protect machinery and components in hundreds of applications – in the factory and on heavy-duty equipment. When you need hydraulic filtration, turn to Donaldson.

Donaldson hydraulic filters and systems reduce a broad range of contaminants to keep sophisticated equipment running smoothly, resulting in efficient systems with superior performance – in the factory and on heavy-duty mobile equipment. Our wide breadth of first-fit and aftermarket products provide the convenience of a single supplier and one contact for service and trouble-shooting.

Comprehensive Technical Capabilities

Donaldson has in-house engineering expertise and is constantly investing in research and development to improve system designs and filtration technologies. The result is an ever-expanding line of filtration solutions that perform in any application or operating environment.

Aftermarket Filters and Parts

Donaldson filters have performed in thousands of applications – offering the industry’s largest selection of replacement hydraulic, lube and gear oil filtration products for contamination control.

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Custom Filtration Solutions

Custom-engineered filters and housings may be the solution you’re looking for to maximize the performance and efficiency of your hydraulic powered equipment. Donaldson is a leader in proprietary design and engineering with best-in-class prototyping, testing and manufacturing capabilities. Don’t just build your hydraulic system with stock parts that fit. Instead, design your system for peak performance and efficiency by working with Donaldson to meet your your engineering specifications and add customer value.

End-to-End Filtration Coverage

Donaldson has you covered with filtration engineered for all types of equipment. 

Mobile Equipment Applications
Industrial Equipment Applications

Why Choose Donaldson

What really separates one filter manufacturer from another? Is it quality, performance, service, value...a warranty you can really trust? With Donaldson, you don’t have to choose one over the other – because you get it all.

Filters & Parts

We deliver a full line of low, medium, high-pressure and off-line filtration systems – plus a complete portfolio of aftermarket replacement filters.

OEM Filtration Solutions

We offer the industry's broadest range of hydraulic, lube, and gear oil filtration products for critical contamination control, and our hydraulic oil filtration solutions have provided proven performance in thousands of applications.

Rethinking the Hydraulic Reservoir

Our hydraulic reservoirs are designed to optimize space and performance – up to 50% reduction in reservoir size. By engineering around the available space and integrating deaeration filtration into the system, our reservoirs are optimally sized for your platform.


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Donaldson Hydraulic Filtration Capabilities

Donaldson provides 360° performance, highly customizable solutions, and advanced engineering capabilities.


Hydraulic Reservoir Solutions

Donaldson hydraulic reservoir systems are the simpler, smarter, smaller solution for better performance.

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