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Designing, Testing, and Manufacturing

Exhaust and Emissions Systems

We’re a Manufacturer of Industry-Leading Emissions and Exhaust Systems, and We Design and Validate Systems, Too

Donaldson offers a unique combination of emissions and exhaust design capability and experience, plus the ability to simulate and validate system performance. We engineer, validate and manufacture systems at multiple locations globally so OEMs can be certain that systems will perform as intended.

Engineering and Design

The Donaldson engineering design team includes project leaders, program managers and design engineers that have extensive experience developing emission-control systems. All of our designs are validated and optimized for functionality, durability and manufacturability. The design process options available from Donaldson include:

  • Build to customer print – The OEM provides the designs and Donaldson optimizes for manufacturability.
  • Build to Donaldson design – This includes proven modular technology that can be combined to meet specific needs.
  • Hybrid – The OEM and Donaldson work together to incorporate customer design with Donaldson technology.
Analysis, Testing and Validation

Our testing capabilities include:

  • Engine and emissions laboratories
  • Computational-aided engineering (CAE) simulation
  • Vehicle road load data acquisition (RLDA)
  • Hot shaker test
  • Hot gas bench
  • Corrosion resistance testing
  • Paint adhesion testing
  • Inlet / outlet bending fatigue tests

Donaldson manufactures exhaust and emissions systems in both Europe and the United States. We also can feature the technology to contract with other manufacturers around the world. We typically manufacture products for heavy-duty diesel engines up to 560 kW / 750 hp.

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