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Donaldson Wins CIBUS TEC
2023 Innovation Award

System Engineered Solutions Recognized as Game-Changing Filtration Technology

Donaldson proudly received the CIBUS TEC Innovation award for its System Engineered Solutions product range. CIBUS TEC is a prestigious exhibition that attracts an international audience and boasts an 80-year history as one of the most innovative events dedicated to food and beverage technology.

Launched in 2022, Donaldson’s System Engineered Solutions have been designed to service point-of-use filtration of process and ingredient liquid. Featuring Modular Skid Systems, Full Flow and Cross Flow Systems, this offering helps our customer meet their specific liquid filtration needs.

Donaldson's System Engineered Solutions was recognized as they are designed with flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness in mind — featuring advanced filtration technologies that can be adapted to the needs of production and product characteristics. This allows us to provide our customers with an efficient filtration system for their unique product requirements, while ensuring easy integration with their production processes.

"We are extremely excited to be receiving this award, it demonstrates the dedication our team holds in developing innovative technologies to serve our Food and Beverage customers."

Roberto Melchiorri, Global System Engineered Solutions Business Manager, Donaldson

Donaldson's System Engineered Solutions can be commissioned for many purposes across multiple food and beverage industries including bottled water, brewery, dairy, wineries, and food processing.

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