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The sophistication of today's equipment requires higher fluid cleanliness levels than before. Donaldson bulk tank filtration systems help save on costly component replacement, prevent unplanned downtime and prevent a decrease in fuel efficiency due to injector wear. Our bulk filtration systems reduce your total cost of equipment ownership.
What is Clean Diesel?

Clean diesel is free of the contaminants that harm modern diesel engines. Today, virtually no diesel fuel is fit for use in high pressure common rail (HPCR) engines when it is delivered to an operator’s bulk tanks. 

Why Do I Need Clean Diesel?

Clean Diesel is necessary for the proper functioning of modern equipment. Without it, you risk increased downtime and inflated maintenance costs.

How Can I Get Clean Diesel? 

Clean diesel is obtained by filtering your fuel upon delivery, protecting it from ambient dirt and moisture while it is in storage, and filtering it again when dispensing into your equipment. 

Looking for a bulk filtration expert to custom size your system?

You Don’t Need To Do It Alone.

To ensure that you’re pumping clean, dry fuel into your equipment, let a Donaldson specialist assist you by providing recommendations on sizing, selection and positioning of Donaldson filters. Bulk filtration systems must be designed properly to meet the desired ISO cleanliness code while maintaining the existing flow rates. The filter type and quantity of filters varies based on the desired cleanliness, system pressure and flow rate.


Be Confident in Your Fuel

Clean, dry diesel is more important today than ever before. Without it, your operations are susceptible to unplanned downtime and increased costs. Is dirty diesel preventing you from achieving your goals?


Donaldson single-pass filtration on the inlet removes contamination before it can enter your storage tank. Donaldson filters are an important line of defense in maintaining fluid quality.


T.R.A.P.™ Breathers and Reservoir Air Dryers reduce the risk of moisture and contaminants entering a bulk storage tank so fluids are kept clean and dry. Together, they’ll help guard fluids from free water, airborne contamination and microbial growth.


Unstable fluids and the tank itself can be a source of contamination. Final filtration on the outlet with Donaldson filters ensures that targeted ISO cleanliness levels are achieved before fluids are pumped into your system.

Bulk Filtration Webinars

Check out our library of webinars for detailed information on bulk filtration-related topics — from practical tips and tricks to diagnosing issues, Donaldson filtration experts are here to help.


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